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Have a heart - or just Half-Hearted?

Katrina Page - The Heart
attached sign says
"Take The Heart for a Spin"
wood and concrete

The Corazón show at the Bath House was disturbing. Not violent or evil. Not even bad art. It was disturbing for what it lacked, and because it was so restrained

It's a good show. Most of the work is psychologically insightful of its creators. What's bothersome is that these artists' expressions of love lack passion.

José Vargas' 9th annual valentine show is, to slightly misquote the title of the infamous Carolann Haggard's work, Half-Hearted. Is that Half A Heart or Have A Heart? Even this seems like a half hearted attempt at mercy.  

So many defensive hearts - wired up, tied up, prickly, flippant, cynical, turgid, boring. It's a show of strangled, repressed and tortured hearts.

Linda D. Stokes - As I Am Now
acrylic and mixed media


There's a lot of fear — fear of love. And not much real love. Whether witty or painful, these artists have bared their hearts and souls. Unfortunately, none of this chest-beating and soul-baring took my breath away.


Viv Harris-Bonnam's Purist Heart (a human face with a dog nose mask)

Viv Harris-Bonnam - The Purest Heart
mixed media

My favorite work is Viv Harris-Bonnam's Purist Heart. As a long-time dog lover I understand her affection, but the fact that this work stands out makes me wonder about the state of human relationships among Dallas artists.

Other noteworthy works include Love Is A Gamble by Rita Barnard. It's a clever idea, but there's too much verbiage.

.Sheila Cunningham's book, Connecting

Sheila Cunningham - Connecting
artist book

Connecting by Sheila Cunningham -- the goggles and shorthand must have been a bad blind date.


Diana Chase's Heart Takes Wings a big wing suspedning a prickly heart and disheveled bird feathers

Diana Chase - Heart Takes Flight
fused glass, feathers and driftwood


Diana Chase's Heart Takes Flight -- a prickly heart, airborne with feathers from birds who must have been traumatized before they became symbols of soaring love, as if they splattered through a puddle on the way to the Bath House.

Love's Pulse by Chris Fulmer -- the little girl with her heart exposed was under all that wire fencing and sitting on top of a whole page of intellectualized musings.

.Kate Schatz's chainsawed wood cross section of a tree

Kate Schatz - Heart Ache
 wood and brass


Heart Ache by Kate Schatz: truly sang. It felt free and uncontrived. When we overheard that she'd made it using a chainsaw, it just seemed so ironically just.


 jrc photo

Carolann Haggard - Half A Heart
stone and wax sculpture

It's interesting that the shape we put on valentines and call "heart-shaped" is so unlike the actual human heart. This sculpture, however, captures the form of the real thing without meandering away from art. Kathy says it looks like someone squeezing a heart with their fingers.


The Ninth Annual El Corazón Art Exhibition curated by Jose Vargas features Amalia Elmasri, David Chasey, Kathryn Littrell, Rebecca Romanek-Johnson, Tarran Caldwell, Carolann Haggard, Junanne Peck, Raul Servin, Andrew Ortiz, Alfredo Rodriguez, Refugia Moran, Sonia King, Eliseo, Mary Maddux, Blanca M. Reyna, Eli Loren, Juan J. Hernandez, Diana Chase, Sheila Cunningham, Santiago Lopez, III, James Watral, Michael Quevedo, David Hickman, Mark M. King, Chandra Armstead, Roy Cirigliana, Georgie Swafford, Barbara Mulley, Julie Jefferies, Danny Hurley, Melodie Martin Ramirez, T. Stone, Rita Barnard, Cynthia Wolf, Darlyne Hartman, Jo Dufo, Angela Gallia, David Duncan, Raul Flores, Viv Harris-Bonham, Chris Fulmer, Phil Roger, Kathy Windrow, Frances Dezanny, Elisa Lendvay, Lisette D. Chavez, Kathy Vargas, Alfredo Calderon, Jesua Lopez, Debbie Wade, Linda D. Stokes, Sandy Martin, Lucia Perez-Poulson, Kate Schatz, Diane Torres, Anne Guinnan, Jason Dean McPeak and Jesse English at the Bath House Cultural Center, beginning February 6, reception 6-9 February 8 will also feature performances by Jacco Velarde, Cynthia Wolf and Maria Velascothrough, through March 1, 2003

See Kathy's review of this intriguing show on above.


jrc photo

Phil Roger - She Dices, She Slices
detail - mixed media

You can see works by the DARts Supporting Members
Sonia King, Sheila Cunningham, David Hickman,
Melodee Martin Ramirz, T. Stone, and Chris Fulmer
who are in this exhibition on their Member pages
on this site.


This Valentine theme show has long been one of my favorites (See stories about the 7th Annual and last year's shows.) It mixes work by seasoned, well-known artists with people we haven't heard of -- yet.

It's diverse and colorful, sometimes amazing and always interesting. It's one of the best ongoing theme shows in Dallas and a community-wide effort. I've already spoken to a couple artists who say they are doing some things different from their usual, great, stuff. I can't wait.

I couldn't wait. I went over there while Jose Vargas and Sheila Cunningham were busy hanging work, but there was lots more in boxes waiting. While they nailed and leveled, I wandered around and photographed more fine work than I could ever post here or on the cover. JRC



Valentine Pairings

Another, more gossipy, bit of the fascination with this heart to heart show is that both Sonia King, one of whose artworks was recently stolen from a TVAA show downtown, and Carolanne Haggard, who is accused of stealing it, are in the show.

Ms Haggard returned the piece -- seriously damaged -- after Ms. King saw her removing it from the show, going down the elevator and out the door with it, on the building's security video.

Haggard claims she had permission to remove the piece -- just before it was to be in the competitive exhibition... According to King, Felony Theft charges are pending but that she'd drop them, if Ms. Haggard would write an apology.

Apparently she has not. -JRC



Doin' the 'Perp Walk' on TV

We hadn't heard from Raynette in awhile now -- she's been busy dealing with the troubles that ensued after Vernon got a little too rowdy from watching the Super Bowl and got picked up for DWI -- and they found one of his outstanding warrants...

After Raynette heard through the grapevine about this little art imbroglio up here in Dallas, she phoned to ask whether Ms H would "do the Perp Walk on TV." Or would she "get Cowboy Treatment and get to go through the back door?"

Meanwhile, Raynette is still promising to write another of her adventures "real soon now...."


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