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AiM 2005

Story + Photographs by J R Compton

As I type this, it's Monday after the Saturday in early September the 2005 Art in the Metroplex show opened. I'm wondering whether I can write anything intelligent about the show. I'm in it. I attened the opening. I wish I hadn't.

It's a nice little show, and I'm glad to have seen it and to be in it. That's not the problem. The issue is the show's dwindling tradition of being about the artists who are in it.

In years past, the Saturday morning of the opening was given over to the artists, with lunch together in the school cafeteria across campus and a private audience with the juror. We didn't have lunch, but we got the private time with the juror — I called to see if Anna could come in, too. The polite response was no. But there were other nonartists present.

Three years ago, the juror's lecture included slides of and comments about each artist's work. I hoped it was a trend, or at least an ongoing possibility. Maybe it still is. But apparently, nobody's told the visiting jurors.


I never attend unless I'm in the show, which has happened from time to time, but it's a grand, little exhibition of some of the best art in the Metroplex. Smallish show in a smallish space. Always some surprises, and nobody ever agrees completely with the selections, of course, but this is the 23rd annual, and it's still going strong.

Hey, I'm in the show! I read the notice, noticed two slides returned, assumed that's all I'd entered, felt downish. It took a notice letter to make me pay attention to the accepted/declined checkboxes. My spirits rollercoastered from "Oh, crap, another rejection" and "Oh, well, can't win 'em all" to "Wow!" in a few seconds. Fun ride, in the end.

If you're in the show, E-mail me, and I'll list your name. AiM never lists current show artists names in any publicity I've ever seen — although they promised me when I delivered my work to send a full list — and I'd like to list your names here. -JRC

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