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Artists with Web Pages

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Dallas Artists     Texas Artists

This is a free service for individual artists in Dallas and Texas [below]

Please do not attach images or send proof you are an artist — I'll know when I visit your site, and it doesn't matter anyway. Just send the URL.

To include your site on this page

E-mail me with the URL in full http://www.etc style. My latest e address is on the Contact page linked near the top of this page.

Tell me you want to be listed on the Artists with Web Pages page on DallasArtsRevue.com.

Tell me where you live — city and state. If you don't tell me this, I'll assume you are not eligible.

Make sure there's art on the top level of your site. I won't link to a supposedly art site that has no art on the page to be linked. If you don't provide a link to a page where there's art, I'll find one, and use the page I found, but it'll take awhile.

Tell me your full name. This page is alphabetized by last names. It is not always obvious from websites what your name is. If there's more than one artist with your first and last name, I'll need a middle name.

Please provide a reciprocal link to us on your web site. You can say anything you want about DallasArtsRevue, as long as the link is correct (http://www.DallasArtsRevue.com/) and you spell DallasArtsRevue correctly.  Please note that DallasArtsRevue is all one word, like a web address, which is why I run the words together.


DallasArtsRevue reserves the right to exclude any website for any reason — or no reason at all. This is a link list only.
DARts will list anybody in Dallas (or Texas) who says they are an artist, proof of which is often not obvious.
Lists are arranged more or less alphabetically. If you don't want my opinion, don't mention "my approval," or ask for it. Just send your link. Tuesday, 22-Dec-2015 15:05:03 PST

DallasArtsRevue Supporting Member Pages of their art are linked on the DARts Member Index.

It's likely that many of these links won't link. Caveat emptor. I check them every couple of years, but by then many are out of date. Beware.

Dallas Artists


Paul Ashby


Gary Bachers of New Boston, Texas

Once Dallas photographer and teacher Darryl Baird is living in Fenton, Michigan and teaching at the University of Michigan

JuJu Bartush

Nathan Beach doesn't have images on his home pages, so I'm linking his 2012 page. Click on the art to see more.

Kelly Berry of Murphy, Texas

Clarke Blacker - formerly of The Nervebreakers and Stick Men With Ray Guns now in Florida

Cabe Booth

Brian C. Bosworth - Sawdust Poet, paintings, sculpture, furniture and a pickup truck.

Glass artist Jim Bowman ( left ). I felt so bad that my friend's site was so slow, that I optimized his images, speeding up the download considerably, in trade for a blown glass vase that took him about the same length of time that I spent working on his site, which is much quicker now...-JRC

Jim Brightwell

Suzie Brown

John Burgerman

Adam Burkett

Pam Burnley and Don Schol studios

Andrew Butler


Frank Campagna

Javier Lopez Cantu

Denise Caspar

Cynthia Chartiér

Dawn Cleaves

Dan Colcer

Stacee Combs

Chad Cook

DARts editor J R Compton's Amateur Birder's Journal and home site

Charlotte Cornett's watercolors.


Dallas Darkroom

Jerry Daniels, sculpture

Martin Delabano sculpture

Grace Divine

Poet, writer, philosopher, psychotherapist, actor, commedian Jim Dolan also has psycho art and other strange things on his website.

Photographs and animated GIFs by David Donovan

Gina Marie Dunn

Laurieann Dygowski


Ward Elliot

Joe England

Peggy Epner


Brandon Richard Feris

E. T. Filley

Sandra Florez

Ginger Fox

Reid Freedman

Chris Bergquist Fulmer also has a DARts Supporting Member page.


Danna Gann

Sculptor Eliseo S. Garcia

Karla Michell Garcia

Gale Gibbs

new James Gilbreath

See Roxy Gordon's Page.

Heather Gorham - See also her DallasArtsRevue member page.

Gene Gregory

Painter Niki Gulley


Robert Hamilton

Natalie Hamp and blog

Sarah Hansen

Lee Harrington

Billy Hassell

Gary C Hatcher

Writer, poet, critic and philosopher Michael Helsem now has a Blog, that's as fascinating as he is, philosophic, too. Even some art links scattered around.

Tracy Hicks

Eric Hinz

new Bill Holmberg

Ann Huey

Debora Hunter


John Izen


Faith Scott Jessup

Robert Jessup


Matt Kaplinski

Janet Karam's Funkytown Art

Sheridan Keglovits

Sonia King mosaic artist

Mariko Frost Kostreva

Stuart Kraft


Largo — The last living real cowboy Western sculptor...

Jennifer Lashbrook

Matt Lindley


Darrell Madis

Asher Mains

Major DARts-on-paper contributor, Dallas artist and teacher, Don Mangus, can be see on DARts' own archive pages, Art Man ( That's his mom above ).

Erin Marissa

Carherine McClay

Rich McCoy

Terri McGhee

Julia McLain-Echols

Greg Metz

Rosemary Meza

new Sarena Michaels

Natasha Mylius

Gary Monroe's Drawings of Religious Serpent Handlers of Southern Appalachia

Former Dallas artist and DallasArtsRevue writer and friend Tom Moody's blog

T Muse


Craig Nance

Pamela Nelson

Mark Nesmith

Trish Nickell - now living in Paris, France.

See JR's Trish Nickell painting in the DARts JR's Collection section.

Skip Noah


Manuel Padilla

Pavlina Panova

Larry Pile of Oak Cliff makes furniture


Esther Ritz

Michael Roman

Eli Rodriguez

Matthew Rodriguez


Mike Salcido

Bert Scherbarth

Ha Schofield

Sonia Semone

Sharon K. Shubert

Donna Howell Sickles

Beverly Sipos

David Smith photographer

David G. Smith

James Michael Starr also has 2 DallasArtsRevue Supporting Member pages.

Arthur Stephens

Pamela Stern

Terri "T" Stone

Erica Sutherland

new Henry Swanson


Norman Tellis mosaics

Silvia Thornton



Mary Vernon

Ryan J Vojir - Urban Impressionist


Mark A. Walker

Robin Ann Walker's Art Girls

former Dallas artist ... Amazin' Walter

Art Wells

Karen Weiss

Larry Enge & the late Carol Wilder

Glenda Williams

Timothy Wilson

Izabela Wojcik

Abby Wood



Emily Dewbre-Young



Dallas Artists Documenting Dallas

Pat Wheelis Kochan's Downtown Dallas watercolor series

Darrell Madi

The Amateur Birder's Journal, digital photographs of Dallas' most beautiful inner-city lake and park by J R Compton

Please send DARts your website or web pages showing Dallas as rendered by you.


Texas Artists & Institutions

Corsicanna artist Liz Armon

The Broose Museum from Splendora

Javier Lopez Cantu of Austin

Bill FitzGibbons - pyro-sculpture performances and more

Pat Glenn

Helene Hagstrom

Houston artist Sharon Kopriva

Kay Marcum

Cheryl D. McClure

Robert Summers in Glenn Rose

David Gappa & Gary Hayes's Vetro Glassblowing

Unseen Wings — angel calendars


Pot Luck


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