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 Stories + images from DallasArtsRevue's
On-Paper Years - 1979 ~ 1996


Modern Historical Revisionism

the real founder of D-Art.

 D-Art vs. The Bath House
and An Interview with Mary Ward

a glimpse into Dallas art history
and a talk with Mary Ward.

 an experiment

Mary Ward promotes D-ART in 1981


short shorts about Dallas art

  Tom Orr - 1999  

always amazing work

 Art Collectors  

still too true

Stuck in a Wolrd Not My Own  

Georgia Stafford Retrospective

link corrected Profiles in Aesthetic Courage  

Dallas Art World humor by Tom Moody
Drawings + Comix

 Dan Piraro  

 “New Talent”

Art Man  

by Don Mangus

 Gerald Burns  

pictures by a poet

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