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The absolutely best thing about this page is that almost nobody but me ever reads it or sees any use for it.

ThEdBlog9       spelled & pronounced "Thed Blog" but in red and black and gray with no spaces.

Intimate Stories + Odd-duck Photographs by J R Compton
This is where I work out my demons. So much easier here,
because nearly nobody reads it, so I can say anything…

Shoes, Pants, Rug  -  Photograph Copyright 2016 JRCompton.com/birds   All Rights Reserved.  

Shoes, Pants, Rug

I have incipient Alzheimer's. All my accumulated forgettings I passed off as having lasted most of my life (true) are still there staring at me and wondering who we all are and where we belong. I had assumed that since both my father and my mother had and have it, respectively, I'd get it, too. But since both my parents' parents died in their sixties, and Mom's 95 and Dad was 101, I assumed I'd last till my 110s or so, but perhaps not cogently.

I do still think. Some of my thoughts are intelligent. I have always tended towards the snotty (Though not snooty; it has been sorta a secret.) about having an oft-tested IQ of 130, right over the edge of genius, and I think that shows best in my words sometimes and my photography. So I keep writing about art and photographing it, birds and everything else. Some people seem to share my opinion. Others simply assume I have always been the dolt I probably will become.

I have watched friends sink into this unenviable malady. It's not so bad at first, but it seems inevitably to slow to near a stop, then trip over the edge into nothingness. I used to believe I'd want to suicide, like ten or more of my dear friends have, over the years, for much less provocation. But I like life as I know it, and knowing it will change fascinates me, but there will come a time when the fascination turns to utter insipidity.

Fifty years ago in college my girlfriend, later wife, long ex — as others have since — whispered who this or that approaching us at parties and social events was and gave a little context so I could converse intelligently. More recently, I developed the notion that I had name- and face-blindness. That just having known someone's name or identify did not always mean I would continue to know either for long. I probably now recognize about three, maybe five dozen people whom I consider friends I might invite to a party, but I still appreciate those whispers some friends know to provide. Some friends talk, others just hug, and both are greatly appreciated.

If I see someone often, like my birding friends, I recognize them and actually use their names when we talk. Same with old art friends. Old as in long-term. Old, too, in age, and some of the older ones show the added joy of knowing what it's like to not remember all the details.

I've been thinking of getting letters to stick on my black T-shirt uniform to the effect that, "If I repeat myself, tell me." So you all don't have to endure the repeats, or run screaming.

I still drive most days, but I assume that will slow and stop. A lot of what I do will. At least twice a week someone calls or writes asking me to sell them The Slider (my precious Prius) for less than I think it is worth. And even more people want to buy my house, which I paid off by working so constantly during four years and three months in the early Eighties that I rarely recognize 80s music. It is still a fixer-upper, but my heirs will get both.

Everything is becoming more difficult. The complexity of posting pages of pictures and words to the Internet has always seemed complex but not entirely impossible, though it's tending toward more of both lately — and that's what I do.

I have not been officially diagnosed yet. Getting an appointment at the VA is slow and surly. At my last appointment with my civillian doctor, he tricked me into letting him charge my insurance company $2,700 for useless blood tests that the VA had already done, by telling me I needed a physical exam, which he did not do. So I'm reticent to bother him.

But even I can see the signs.

Knuckles, Feathers, Dashboard, Mirror, Etc. -Photograph Copyright 2016 JRCompton.com/birds   All Rights Reserved.

Knuckles, Mirror, Feathers, Dashboard at The Latino Culture Center
ISO 800 1/1,000 at f9 5:14:25 PM, January 13, 2016

My Art Enuii lasted longer this time than ever before, I think. I don't really keep track of them. I'm 71 years young, and I keep thinking I should play more and work less, but it's so difficult to tell the difference between those two sometimes.

This photograph was taken after looking for art at an art center that didn't have an exhibition when I was there, but I found a photo-worthy reality I thought worth taking another photograph of, then when I got outside and into The Slider, saw the sun shining through my feathers, and just had to make another photograph. Probably why I carry a camera so often, even if I was hoping to take pix of art. Except, of course, this is art.

The feathers are getting a little raggedy.


I keep promising myself I'll review some local art, then when it comes right down to doing it, I don't.

Instead, I do an end-around and write about an event that prominently shows art, but in a different setting. The first of the series, although I may remember others, was the estate sale of prominent teacher and painter Ann Cushing Gantz. That worked out so well, that when I was notified there'd be an estate sale for popular Dallas artist David McManaway, I knew just what to do and say to pitch it to the people in charge.

The most recent … found myself on a new path of writing about art that I like. Just that I haven't initiated any of them. Which may be the best thing about it. Oddly true also is that my friend Debora Hunter has provided the impetus twice in a row of the few episodes I have so far engaged in this off-topic pursuit of art in people's lives and deaths.

First tip I got was that the late Dallas Artist David McManaway, who died some time ago, would be the subject of an estate sale everybody was invited to. I put the notice on the cover of the DallasArtsRevue that used to be the number one seen page on this site. It may still be. I'm just opposed to doing things simply because people like to read it. I'm more interested in one I'm more interested in doing.

And lately, that's been to find non-official art events, places, ideas, etc. that artists, like everybody else, get involved with.

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I used to illustrate these abstruse and personal issues with images by anybody I had art by. Now I restrict the imagery to my own photographs with some of Anna's who's usually there. Seems more personal that way.




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