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Etty Horrowitz — Underbra, 2002 — ribbon, wire — 36 x 36 x 18 inches (detail)


 Sizzling Summer Art in Dallas

Story by Kathleen Dello Stritto
Photographs by JR Compton

We dressed cool, so we could cope with the July heat and took JR's car, so we could park on the crowded street. So we stepped out to see the opening of the New Texas Talent show at Craighead-Green.

Who is in the show was a big secret until the opening. What is in the show is varied. How they got chosen is a big mystery.

Why some of them got chosen is more insight into Janet's psyche than I wanted. You just never know.

We went back to the gallery the next day to view everything without the crowds.


17 x 16 x 24 inches


The clay tablet assemblage/wall sculpture, Pretty Boy, by Georgia Tambasas was the first thing I saw, and after closer inspection I noticed the incised writing on each stacked piece. Very nice.


mixed media, 16 x 19 x 7 inches


I also got a closer look at 's Brian Neal Sensabaugh's I Give You My Berry, a witty Madonna w/big legs holding a strawberry, while her other hand was nailed to a cross.

Not the same old BVM. Although Janet selected another piece in the Madonna theme, that one in ball point pen on a cotton hankie.



Cidnee Patrick also opened a show Friday evening that was crowded, but JR pointed out that the crowds seemed to interact with the Horowitz installation.

Site Specific is intellectually satisfying, an oasis of calm clarity.


urethane, traffic paint 2002


I was blown away by Kyle Wadsworth's Marginalized Females hanging vertically, and entranced by Etty Horowitz's Hora. The dancing wire figures throw lost and found shadows on the wall. See JR's fabulous photos.

I also was drawn to Brad Ford Smith's Camelot in May, 1961, 2003 with it's 1,085 plus 35 plus 245 pieces of red/yellow/orange cast resin. And glowing in the window is Tracy Hick's Varius, rows of preserved frogs in pastel hues.

Dare I say yummy? Not to eat, but a yummy feast for the eye.



We followed the Oak Lawn galleries with a visit to The Ice House and an unplanned side trip to see the big fire at Gold scrap metal yard on I 45.


George Yepes - China Poblana, acrylic on canvas


The Ice House show is good. Part of it is performance art. George Yepes paints while you watch, but we missed that.

What could have been the usual pin-up art of a busty Miss Mexico was much more because he painted her skeleton in places as if X-rays of her body were superimposed over her image. It's artfully done, painted in gorgeous color, on huge canvases.


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