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Exposed the annual membership show at The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art ( D-Art ) through August 10, 2002

Colored flyers ( never just one ) have been arriving at my house/studio. Products, no doubt, of the cute little Intern du Jour at the place we used to call D-Art.

" . . . calling members and members to be."
I am still the former.

" . . . Entries $15 . . . $50 membership fee"
No, wait.
". . . Entries free"

" . . . Work done in 2002."
It's only June.

" . . . Exterior dimensions not to exceed a perimeter of 96".

" . . . New size dimensions will be 24" x 36" or 120" ( linear )"
What again???

24" x 36" I can relate to except that because of Life Circumstances I have only completed ONE painting in 2002, and it is large, too large it seems, 36" x 48" to be exact.

What's more, the exhibition dates conflict with other high profile local shows such as Outside The Lines at the Bath House which have no such size restrictions.

Quotes, testimonials, marketing ploys...

"It was my first exhibition. It gave me a framework for judging my progress . . ."
This is my 50th+ exhibition. What's in it for me?

"Great opportunity for your work to be seen by these corporate members . . ."
Don't get me started. My above mentioned "Life Circumstance" that crippled my creativity was a public school teaching job. The art teacher at my school had never produced, much less exhibited, her own art. And none of the districts can pay their teachers, much less afford to buy art.So don't try to tempt me with Corporate Members such as DISD.

" . . . Best of Show Audience Award."
Do I intuit a popularity contest? I didn't win Student Council or Cheerleader. So I get to lose again?

" . . . installed by Director Joan Davidow."
In the Membership Show last November, I was put on the "Landscape" wall in the back room, and in last Summer's Critic's Choice Show, Ms.Davidow hung my painting facing outside toward the Sculpture Garden, which seemed to have the sprinklers on full blast at unpredictable times.

JR always gets the Front Room To The Left Of The Front Door location. I'm not paranoid, they really are out to get me, or at least put me out of sight.

So let's cut to the chase here.
If I had a smaller painting...
And If I paid $15,or $50, or for Free...
And If I went to the Opening and my painting wasn't hanging in the bathroom . . . would I stay home from Northern New Mexico which is where I will be the last part of this month?
And I'm going to paint more

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