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Every artwork on this page is copyright 2008 by the originating artist. No reproduction or approximation of these works
may be created in any medium for any commercial or nonprofit use without specific written permission from the artist.

DallasArtsRevue Stories written or co-written
by Kathy Dello Stritto

Raynette & Vernon, an Index of Stories

Stories by Kathy Dello Stritto about her country cousins 

Raynette + Vernon Do Dada

Raynette and Vernon do the Dallas Art Dealers Association annual art walk and they talk about their adventures in big city art land. Click the headline to visit the story.


Raynette vs. The Young Collectors

Raynette vs. The Young Collectors - Raynette learns how to be a Young Collector at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art's recent Young Collectors' evening.


Studio Tales and Studio Tales 2 columns

Dave Hickey On Graduate Education

Robert Bolan's Runniing Spiral Performance

Speaking Out About Alex Coyle's Spoken/Unspoken

Sizzling Summer Art in Dallas

An Interview with Artist Norman Kary

Nasher Sculpture Center Opens

Kathy Jurs A Show

2002 DADA Art Walk

The AIM Show - Missing the Target

Have A Heart - Or Just Half Hearted?

Ageless Art by Bill Kysor

He Said. She said: TSA Connections & Bob Bird Paintings at the Bath House Cultural Center

EAT ART 12 - Scott Barber at Barry Whistler

EAT ART 9 - The First Kathy & J R Art Tour

EAT ART 8 - Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

EAT ART 6.5 - Tomb-Raiding at the Kimbell

EAT ART 6 - Pinhead Renoir at the DMA

EAT ART 5 - Bad Art & Bad Journalism

Some of the Short Reviews of 2002 Shows


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