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Charlotte Smith@Cris Worley


Charlotte Smith - Softly Falling

Charlotte Smith   Softly Falling   2013   Charlotte Smith photographs by Kevin Todora

I have to admit I walked into Charlotte’s show with preconceived ideas; multi-colored canvases with stacked droplets of paint arranged in seemingly random order. I wondered where the process would go from one show to next. Would she continue to keep the same format? Would the canvases get larger, darker and lighter? Would the paint get stacked taller? The answer is yes to all those questions and more. She continues to come up with new ways to show her work from what looked like a limited formula.

This is a show with lots of firsts. The work is consistently large. The stacked paint has melted into the foreground, and there is additional clear coating poured into areas that subtly segregates the work into islands. It adds a new dimension to the work without calling a lot of attention itself.

Charlotte Smith - Night Dance

Charlotte Smith   Night Dance   2013   72 x 48 inches

The theme of this show is Fall with the subject matter being water and stars. Softly Falling II is the best example of this new work. The cream-colored background accents the droplets of color like thin sheets of water. It draws you in like the fascination of a waterfall. The cascading drops appear to reflect sunlight and break down into hues much as sunlight through a prism. 

In contrast Blue Falling and Night Dance suggest a night sky full of stars cascading across the canvas and though these pieces appear to be abstractions, they are as real looking as the Milky Way and a wonder to behold. The only thing missing is a shooting star but then it may be out there. I’ll have to go back and look.

& Lance Letscher@Conduit

Pregunta Numero Uno

Lance Letcher   Hot Rod

Lance Letscher   Hot Rod   2013   5.5 x 13.5 feet

Before I met Lance I assumed from the sheer volume of work (44 pieces), he had several dedicated assistants working diligently to cut out the many minute images that scatter across colorful collages. I pictured him hunched over a huge table busily orchestrating the crescendo of images around him and directing everything to its proper position like some stage director in a grand theater.

Alas, it is only he and a close college friend who do all the work with the help of an X-Acto knife and large magnifying glass mounted to his studio table. I was a little disappointed but not discouraged from the visual wonder that Lance lays out before his audience. There is everything from small wall pieces like The Law, 12 x 11 inches, to a glider, 22 x 5 fee,t complete with collage elements and detailed schematic drawing.

Lance Letscher - The Secret Refueling Station

Lance Letscher   The Secret Refueling Station   2013   50 x 70 inches   photograph by Zaleski Photos

The showstopper is a 50 x 70 inch collage Secret Refueling Station #2. This chaotic work consists of numerous transportation images from trains to zeppelins and what appears as space junk floating between; all of this circling a large image of the moon in the background. Again, the sheer volume of images is fascinating in their complexity. I found myself trying to figure out what the “junk” swirling through out the picture was; parts? , random shapes? , letters?

Several of the large Zeppelins were mire skeletal remains of their previous selves. The artist had removed each rectangular panel that made up the airship so now it had become a ship truly filled with air. It became to clear to me at this point why this was a refueling station.

I like that Lance doesn't’t just collage on flat surfaces. He uses books and book covers and toy boxes as well as three-dimensional objects like pistols, motorcycles and a glider. There is something here for everyone to be awed by. Lance is a gifted artist with a lot to show and say.



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