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DallasArtsRevue Stories by Jim Dolan

Jeff Parrott in his studio - Photograph Copyright 2015   All Rights Reserved.

Jeff Parrott

Closer to Reality - An Interview with Painter Jeff Parrott by Jim Dolan

Big Time Art Person From Outta Town Weighs In On Local Arts; Locals Breathe Sigh of Relief - Interview with Centraltrak director and regional and national art critic Charissa Terranova

Teresa Elliott - Mystic Outlook

Teresa Elliott - Mystic Outlook

Teresa Elliott - Strange Familiar - Cowboy nostalgia or prairie surrealism?

Jeff Hogan & the Ever Expanding Universe - another Cedars artist interview

 Matt Kaplinky Paiting - photo Copyright 2008 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Matt Making a Paintinig — photograph by J R Compton.

In the Backyard with Matt Kaplinsky — A Profile of the Artist

Being and Making in New Lebanon: Fused Glass and Free–range Chickens - an interview with Bert and Ann Scherbarth in the Cedars

Chaos & The Void — Paintings by Jeanne McIntosh

Ann Scherbarth - Chicken in Plumbago, 2004
aquerelles on paper - 12 x 24 inches

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