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A.M. Hudson - Nasher Drawer, 2001
reassenbked wood drawer with pre-existing white paint
  (smoke alarm is not part of the art) 34.5 inches high

Reluctant Dallas artist A.M. Hudson used to host a regular artists get-together at his large studio space in Oak Cliff. There, maybe a dozen or so of us would show and talk about our latest works, read poetry or just talk — usually about art.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, a very big-time Dallas art collector (after whom, the Nasher Sculpture Center is named) hired Andy to remove a closet full of shallow, wood drawers. This is one of a long series of those drawers, each of which was sliced and diced in various ways, then put back together, each a whole.

I saw it hanging on his studio wall and told him how wonderful I thought it was. Andy immediately went over to it, lifted it off the wall and gifted it to me. I've written about this and other Andy works in Small Sculpture in Texas, my unpublished book of 3-D stories. It's 29 x 34-1/2 x 3-3/4 inches.

This one has the place of honor above my couch in my living room. That's one of my gangling Pencil Cactuses growing there, hiding out from the winter cold. The smoke alarm is not officially part of the piece, but Andy approves, and it seems to belong there.

AM Hudson is a irregular contributor to
DARts' Artists' Views page of commentaries.


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