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Margaret Ratelle - untitled collage

Margaret Rattelle - untitled
collage of newspaper clipping and paint
10 x 8.25 inches

When Margaret Rattelle finally left the Continental Gin Building, she had stacks of $10 and $20 paintings for sale. This is one of the former. I had seen this identical piece — Margaret said she'd done a series of them — before and written well of it. The same night I saw it, I saw another angry bald person painting by Julie Speed at Gerald Peters.

That was shortly after 9 11, so it's a protest piece of the immediate sort. A bloody scream from a person whose eyes are obscured, slashed.

The newspaper elements of the collage appear to be obituaries. All of men.

Story and photograph by J R Compton.
Copyright 2006 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.
No Reproduction in any medium without specific
written permission. E-mail J R.