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Richard Crowe - Self Portrait
oil on canvas - 20 inches square

When he was still a teenager, Richard Crowe painted this wild self-portrait masterpiece. He sold it and most of his other early paintings in the 70s for $5 and $10 each, because he needed the cash. It seems a tiny amount now, but I had to think and rethink those purchase.

This piece is briliantly done, a recognizable likeness as well as a florrid near abstraction in a melange of directions and forms and paint applications, textures and drips. Obviously influenced by Art History, yet already exhibiting a remarkable talent on his own. As if he'd perused the pictures of great artists, absorbed them, then come up with a mix of his own. Far as I know, however, this is the only paintiing of its kind.

Richard was always a stranger in a strange land, and whether he intended it or not, this self-portrait shows that vulnerability.

Richard went through a lot of phases which were vividly reflected in his art. During his American Indian phase he spent an entire winter living in a tipi in the foothills overlooking Las Vegas, New Mexico. Somewhere, I have more of his drawings and a small linoleum cut print that I need to locate and add to these pages.

Much later, Richard rued all those cheap sales. We, his eager buyers always assumed he would paint many many more wonderful paintings on his way to art stardom. But he didn't. Richard died of AIDS a few years ago in Canton, Texas where he had been selling exotic birds.

Other Richard Crow paintings in this collection include Grandmother's Porch and Double Portrait paiantings and a Picasso Horse drawing.

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