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Gerald Burns - untitled drawing

Gerald Burns - Untitled Drawing
5.5 x 10.5 inches - ink on paper

Gerald gave me this drawing because he knew my fascination with dragons. The paper has browned and stained (I smoothed out the background and removed two dark fingerprints) over the years, although the piece is framed.

Gerald Burns and I were good friends. We went to art shows together, and I even accompanied him to a dog show in Austin once. We went to lots of art shows, and he gave me a lot of Xeroxes of drawings over the years. I've attempted to get them all together on several occasions, but weird things happen each time. Like his ghost or the Universe was opposed.

That happened in real life, also. Publisher kept "losing" all his drawings. I assumed some AH simply stole those originals. I only have a precious few actual originals — the pieces we published in DallasArtsRevue, a drawing of Another Epiphany from J R that I need to find again, and few others, including this charmer.

I have gathered a lot of his drawings, poetry and stories into a page full of links to DallasArtsRevue pages and other places on the Internet. It's called Index of Gerald Burns' Stories, Art & Poetry.

Story and photograph by J R Compton.
Copyright 2006 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.
No Reproduction in any medium without specific
written permission. E-mail J R.