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J R's Art Collection

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Okay, that's enough for awhile. And although I had procrastinated gathering my collection into a consice document for at least a decade, I've written enough these last few weeks to blur my mind. I have plenty more art, but I'm tired. Worse, my house is even messier and more disorganized than before.

Now, I have too many artless walls, and centuries of too-visible dust bunnies and cobwebs. Many of the works I've rehung are in different rooms. Most hadn't been moved since the last century.

It was a great excuse for art migration, and the reorganization has greatly benefited the rooms I use more these days. My bedroom now houses more and more gentle art, although I put Control Addict in there, too — to calm my own control tendencies.

My living room art is balanced differently, and I suspect the wall I see over this computer monitor, which has already changed some, is about to make a much more amazing transformation, since that's where Blasphemies of the Dwarf Jester has decided to move. Other downed art is sifting possible future perches.

Ooof !

Something I never gave a moment's thought to till my mother responded to my E-mail notice that her Tigers were here, is that some of the art in my collection may offend people. Not everyone truly relishes scary art like I do.

I had begun this series using Candis Wheat's Glow In the Dark Gay Pieta on the cover, because I was proud of my photograph of it, and it's such a wonderfully strange little hunk of art. I was so pleased to be presenting a nude that wasn't sexist, I never even thought about it as offensive. I guess my mother raised me better than she thought.

Then I did a double-take cringe over Tom Moody's The Twins. Not that I'll be censoring anything, of course. Maybe I've lived with this stuff so long already, that it's all pretty old hat to me. Eventually, I realized I didn't want people to assume all my art had a gay theme, so I chose different, a slightly less scary work to promote the collection.

As I've since noted on the Collection Sub-Index Page, "Because some art may frighten or put off some people, I've provided occasional, scary art jump links over some of the more controversial art in my collection, so as to not offend."

I realize some people will take this warning as an excuse to check out the scary stuff. And that's just fine with me.


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