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J R's Art Collection

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Then there's this quintessential, sculptural shape from the 20th Century, a Fender Guitar. I've always called this stringless instrument, my Solid Body Air Guitar, and I used to strap it on and dance around to loud rock and roll. I haven't air guitared with it for about a decade, but it's still face away, as shown above, into one of the corners of my green living room, a quiet testament to time and music and art. Or something like that.

This guitar— 11 x 37-1/2 inches, natural and other woods, metal and no guts — was a gift from my friend Jim Gaston, Ca. 1986

For awhile, at least, this was the last page of this series. I have many more, cherished pieces. But I'm tired of photographing them and making and correcting pages. Most of the work shown on these pages has been in one place for most of the last 20 years or so, and now, suddenly, with paintings strewn all through the house, I'm moving them around, trying them out in other rooms.

It's been fascinating, and it has been an awful lot of work these past several days. I'm going to rest up a bit before I tackle the rest of the collection. I hope you enjoy seeing my collection and reading about individual pieces. If you have any information to add — or correct — please don't hesitate to E-mail me.

J R Compton,
DARts Editor + WebGuy


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