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Alex Troup - The Love Box; Shake It!, 1982
wood, glass, acrylic and corduroy - 12 x 15 x 3.5 inches

Speaking of romance, Alex Troup's The Love Box ; Shake It! contains clear acrylic and other shapes sealed forever inside. When he demonstrated its use for me, he got some of the flat shapes stuck in the frame, where they've been ever since.

The idea, he explained, is for me to have a lady hold it with me, between us, each of us holding opposite ends of the box, shaking, twisting and reverse Englishing it till the shape etched into the glass on the top of the box lines up with the same shepe etched into the top surface of the box-shaped clear piece pictured near the center above.

So far, only fellow air signs have been able to align it.


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