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Candis Wheat - Glow-in-the-Dark Gay Pieta
8 x 7 inches

I didn't bid on this truly wonderful Glow-in-the-dark Gay Pieta by my college (it was called East Texas State University then) buddy Candis Wheat at the DMA's Beaux Arts Ball Charity Auction.

But while picking up the works I did have the winning bid on, I saw this among the un-bid-upon works. I couldn't believe no one wanted it.

Sure, it's a little rough, kinda bumpy, the surface seems to attract and hold dust, the eyes are truly weird, and maybe the top of the bottom guy's head is unnaturally indented.

But it was such a wonderful concept and is so beautifully, if impressionistically, realized, I ditched one of the paintings I had won and got this instead. It's too bad I can't show it to you phosphorescing its eerie green glow.

It's hard to measure this object, since it's more slumpish than rectilinear, but it's about 7 and 8 inches at its longer projections. It was also difficult to photograph, since the material tends to phosphorize when light is poured on it.

Although I seriously darkened the background paper (from Terri Lenoir's Paper Routes, of course), I want you to know that the toes are better articulated than they look here (another object needing reshooting).


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