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Brad Metcalf - Hardware Car
47-inch cable, 3-1/2-inch diameter, 2-inch crank
weighs 10 pounds

Former 500X artist Brad Metcalf called himself a Thingmaker on his business card for many years ( He may still. ). So this is a Thing, whose correct title is Hardware Car. I bought it at one of those Bozo Ball fund-raisers at the Dallas Museum of Art during the 80s. See Kamikazee Shopping at the Bozo Ball.

This sturdy device is a fuselage with ripper wheels and a crank. According to the artist, "The body of the car is made of two bench grinder bodies bolted bottom to bottom. The wheels are paddles from paint mixers." The crank torques a steel cable through the black, plastic encased cable, that turns an enclosed pullies connected with a thick rubber belt, that rolls the propeller-like, erector-set wheels, that drives the gray, plainly bolted, hulking steel fuselage across the floor.

I keep it on the rug, where it creates a rippling, double line of creasing tracks like that I missed one of near the top center of this picture, just above the wheel. On a wood floor, it rips the surface, causing instant damage.

People love to charge this hulking, simplified, 6-inch tall, 15-inch long, and 7-inch wide machine across the floor in arcs with its 47-inch cable, 3-1/2-inch diameter, 2-inch crank. Altogether, it weighs almost exactly ten pounds.


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