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J R's Art Collection

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The 3-1/2-inch diameter tit at the top was a doorbell at the old Dallas NOTES house at 3117 Live Oak (now, like most of our, old underground newspaper offices, a parking lot). Probably in 1973, Robert Goodson and Michael Orehec noticed how mammary-like it seemed and set about transforming its skin and nipple into more realistic colors. Somewhere, I have a whole series of Tri-X photographs, step by step documenting the transformation.

The plastic spider and skeleton combo was created by my friend Tre Roberts for one of her installations or performance art pieces.

And the radio, set to KNON's former place on the FM dial, was created by Pamela Nelson in 1985 or thereabouts honoring The Dallas Arts Kazoo's 200th (and very nearly final) radio show. It is 11 x 12-1/2 inches. Almost all the Kazoo scripts found their way into the pages of Dallas Arts Revue.

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