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David Lambert - Moonboy Day Last October, 1985
oil on canvas - 30.5 x 36.5 inches

This delightful bit of whimsy is by David Lambert. I bought it at the long-gone Record Gallery on Lower Greenville Avenue, which was the center of a group of local artists called The Dallas Artists Co-op, of which Lambert may have been the best painter.

The scene actually depicts a neighborhood in Oak Cliff, but it looked so much like my own in East Dallas — and I owned a similarly red Toyota Cellica back then — that I just had to have this gem. Most of David's paintings had a car parked in the foreground, but they rarely looked out of place.

That's Moonboy, with his quarter moon-shaped head, at the lower right, in front of that house. Please also note, in addition to the dog chasing the cat and the perfectly rendered autumn- in- Dallas sky amid all those dark trees, the kid flying toward the chimney near the center of the picture.

He's wearing, not a cape, but a striped-at-both-ends towel. In the upstairs window of the second house, there's another child peeking out the curtains.

I met him at a few openings but didn't know whatever happened to him till I got the following letter in September 2006, but this is one of the true gems of my collection:

I have lived in southern CA for the last six years, and I gave up painting in the early 90s. Long story, don’t ask. All the artwork I do these days is digital. I restored antiques for a long time but now I am working to start up a business making natural herbal soaps. I’ve been making soap for
about 4 years now, and I love it. If you’re interested, you can see both my soaps and some of my digital artwork at


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