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Dwayne Carter - untitled
airbrushed paint - 67 x 5 inches

One of my primary styles of hanging art involves covering holes in my walls. This large, untitled, 67 x 52-inch, airbrush painting by Dwayne Carter covers a huge gash in my front room. Originally the left half of two, mirror-image corner pieces — this duet (James Benning and Elise Goldberg posed for it at the University of Oklahoma where Dwayne grad schooled.) mirrors Elise alone in the other painting. The technique here is flawless, every detail is smooth and beautifully rendered, even up close.

I can't count the number of times I've looked up to see this in the next room and done an involuntary double-take, startled and shocked to see someone there, then realizing, "Oh, it's only art...." I've got used to it over the years, but I still love looking at it. Fellow students have since told me that they thought then Dwayne was the heir apparent for art stardom. I still think that.

Dwayne's heavy into the internet now with mostly digital paintings. Check out some of his bizarre work on his older site and his even stranger but technically even more proficient new site.

A letter from James Benning about the people in this painting is on one of our Feedback pages.

Dwayne's Bad Habits and Self-Portrait paintings are also on this site.


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