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Richard Crowe - My Grandmother's Porch
oil on canvas - 19 x 15.5 inches

This is one of my earliest purchases. I bought it for $10 from the late artist Richard Crowe, whom I assumed was going to be the most famous artist I'd ever know. He was the best of the bunch of artists at Dallas NOTES and HOOKA ( the Humanitarian Order of Kosmic Awareness ), two underground newspapers I published in the early 70s here in Dallas.

This is Richard's grandmother's back porch in Oklahoma City. And it is one of few directly realistic paintings Richard — known at the underground papers as "Gasper Goo," did. It was probably painted in the mid 60s.

Other Richard Crow work in this collection includes his Self-Portrait, Double Portrait, Picasso Horse drawing, and his collaboration with Gabby Gaberino on NOTES Lives!

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