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Tom Moody - The Twins
oil on canvas - 22 x 26 inches

Talk about outrageous art. Part of his Gentlemen's Quarterly series, most of which comprised lemur heads on GQ bodies like those above, artist and art critic Tom Moody titled this painting, The Twins. But he often called it "Vagina with Teeth."

I watched it from shortly after he painted it, till several years later, always wishing I could afford the $1,300 he said he wanted for it. Finally, I found it bolted to another, grayscale painting at Vance Wingate's Gray Matters Gallery on Haskell Avenue, and I asked if I could buy the Twins half for half the asking price of the pair. I could and did. Not long later, Tom, who was one of DARts' early and best promoters — and certainly its funniest and most clever writer and deft illustrator, moved to New York City.

Like only a precious few others in my collection, this is truly a scary piece of art. Several gallery owners in both Dallas and Houston were too afraid to allow Tom show it.

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