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Jim Franklin - Under Aires, 1972
original by acrylic on canvas - 18 x 24 inches
this is a page of an offset color print calendar

Austin artist and illustrator Jim Franklin will probably always be best known for his armadillo comix and drawings, but it's this wonderful, psychedelic 70s, surreal painting, Under Aires, that still thrills me. What's hanging on my wall, however, is not the original. I have instead a reproduction of the painting, comprising one page from his 1976 Calendar, published by Edentata publishers in Austin.

Edentata means toothless, and it refers to the animal species to which Dasypus Novemcinctus (the nine-banded Texas armadillo) belongs. Franklin almost single-handedly popularized said dillo in Texas during the hippie era, and I consulted him extensively when I published armadilla, my 32-page chapbook about them back in 1974.

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