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An Experiment by Mary Wachowiak-Ward

first published in on page 26
of Texas Arts Revue #7 in Autumn 1981

D-Art & The MAC Subindex

D-ART, a visual arts center, is a catalytic agent providing support and access to area artists (visual and performing) in the Dallas area. Located at 2917 Swiss Avenue, the facility provides approximately 20,000 square feet of work and exhibition space, converence rooms and office space. To arrange for space, an artist or organization must be a member of D'Art. Membership starts at $35 per year. Building use fees vary with the length and type of activity.

The center provides area artists with three exhibition spaces, filled on a rotating basis with long and short-term exhibitions. The quality of the work displayed, screened or performed is a major concern. Experimentation is a key element of D'ART. D'ART's concern to avoid the elitism associated with galleries and museums has forced some extensive thought on policy.

Quality demands a value judgement which in turn creates restrictions. At what point does quality manifest itself in an experiment? Are experimental works subjet to the same value judgement as traditional works? Which gauges are acceptable to establish criteria for quality in an environment addressing contemporary art outside of the mainstream?

Is it legitimate to seek a definition of quality from the traditional arbitors of taste (museum curators, art educators, gallery owners and critics)? The conclusion has been to extend experimentation into the area of standards. D'ART will initially determine quality criteria and selection based on professional integrity of design, execution and concept. A panel of rotating selectors and individual guest curators will alternately jury work submitted to D'ART, providing two options and a combination of reactors. Experimental in nautre, this policy is subject to change.

D'ART seeks to present variety in exhibitions, styles and medias and to provide area artists exposure to a broader segment of Dallas' public.

D'ART is faced with the challenge of meeting with the approval of both our arts constituency and our funding sources (D'ART is a non-profit arts organization). It is our goal to serve the artist, but support and cooperation are necessary to give strength to our voice as we speak and defend our programs and exhibits to our funding sources.

Participate in the art center and let Dallas know that the arts community is a real force. Call [214 Phone number long ago changed] for information or scheduling. Mary W. Ward is the D-ART Project Coordinator.

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