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Index of Conduit's 20th Anniversary Art-In pages

Rheinhard Ziegler conferring with Nancy Whitenack

Artist Reinhard Ziegler conferring with Gallary Owner Nancy Whitenack

The Feature Story — set, setting, atmosphere and purpose

JR's Introduction (below on this page)

The First Couple of Days — Page 2

Monday & Tuesday, May 24 & 25Page 3

Wednesday & Thursday, May 26 & 27 — Page 4

Friday & Saturday May 28 & 29 — Page 5

Sunday, May 30 — Getting a hurry on — Page 6

Monday, May 31 — Finishing touches — Page 7

The pictures on this page are my fave ambiance photos from this event.


Nancy's Corner Office

Nancy Whitenack in Her Corner Office — At least
the corner of her office, now Susan kae Grant's studio


All Contents ©2004 by JR Compton -
No Repro in any form without written written permission.

Roberto's Mylar Diamond

Roberto Munguia''s Mylar Star
reflecting the Red/Jessup wall

I started photographing Conduit's 20th Anniversary Art-In on Wednesday May 18. Thereafter, I returned at least once every day, till the end on Monday, May 31, 2004.


The Gallery's Front Doors

The Gallery's Front Doors Sparkling
Rainbows in the Sun at about 7:30 pm

Each participating artist was allotted ten running feet of 80-inches high paper to work with (and the option to do that in one 10-foot section or to divide it up among different spots around the gallery, possibly collaborating with other artists in some areas).


Painting Racks Reflected

Painting Racks Reflected in the glass on the front of one of
Lance Lechter's large collages and framed by the doors to the room


One of the gallery artists, my friend James Michael Starr wrote a blurb for the DARts Calendar that originally sparked my interest in this extravaganza. At first he suggested I come by to photograph progress on his collage there.


Annabel Daou with Wine Glass

Annabel Daou holding wine glass, standing back to look at her art


He talked to gallery owner Nancy Whitenack, and they suggested I might want to photograph the other artists who've brought portions of their studios to the gallery while they work on their parts.


James Michael's Hands in Glue

James Michael Starr with Elmer's Glue


I returned to the gallery every day to catch more artists making more art, getting to know each other, and beginning to collaborate. The photographs on the pages linked above are my more favorite photographs, in fairly close, chronological order.


It's a busy place.

a busy busy place


Dallas-area gallery artists came in when their schedules permitted, and artists from out of town came in on the weekends or whenever — to do their 80 x 120 inches of original art.


Wall of Susan kae Grant Polaroid Proofs

Polaroid Proofs, music and photogrpaher Susan kae Grant


It was a fabulous opportunity for me to photograph a variety of artists making art, in of all places, an art gallery.-JRC



Conduit Duct

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