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Art Here Lately is bursting with 4 new, colorfully-illustrated and spiritedly-opiniated DallasArtsRevue reviews:

Connie Roschiau-Ball  Satisfied

Connie Roschlau Ball   Satisfied   60 x 48 inches a on canvas  $2,800 each or 3 for $6,700
hung in the hallway outside her shared studio

Back @ The Gin Again: Looking into every door at The Continental Gin Building's latest Open House, but only choosing the best;

Mark S Smith - Glacier

Mark S. Smith   Glacier   acrylic on wood

A Celebration of Color: Big color photos of the best of the show at The Bath House Cultural Center - curated by Susan Lecky

Jose Vargas - He Enjoyed Wearing a Green Mask

Jose Vargas   He Enjoyed Wearing a Green Mask   acrylic on wood   2011

Retro-Matico, the Jose Vargas Retrospective - curated by Cristina Medina at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center

Jeff Baker at Conduit

Jeff Baker   Untitled (Safetynet) 2017   archival pigment print on dibond   20 x 40  edition 1/5   sizes variable

Big Jeff Baker photographs and Carefully crafted scrapings by Vincent Falsetta at Conduit.

Plus reviews of four shows at 500X with words & pictures from October;

Tabatha Trolli - Milk Skin

Tabatha Trolli   Milk skin  cotton/polyester, Sand, painted bra cup,
straight pins, shoulder pad, felt   2017   $425

I also photographed an almost art review with lots of pictures of people and some art at Nan Coulter's existential photo show at Goss-Michael, but not many words;

& How to Promote Your Work


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